Rija Films at the European Film Market 2014

Rija Films representatives will take part in the European Film Market 2014 to present new fiction and animation films. We are looking forward to meet You at our stand G13  in Martin-Gropius-Bau.

We will present two new feature films coming out in 2014:

The Golden Horse (in post-production), animation film, 75′, director Reinis Kalnaellis

The classic 2D animation film is based on a play by Latvian poet and playwright Rainis, who was inspired by several Baltic fairytales when writing his work.

Despite the ridicule of his cruel older brothers, Antis, the youngest son in his family embarks on a mission to save a beautiful Princess from the glass mountain where she has been imprisoned by the Black Mother, an evil witch who feeds on the sadness of others.  On his journey, Antis meets the helpful White Father, the sworn enemy of Black Mother.  However, Antis soon realises there are many more obstacles standing in his way.  Will Antis’ be able to save the Princess’s through persistence and bravery and conquer the Black Mother?

Production companies: Rija Films (LV), Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU), Vilanimos Filmu studija (LT), Copenhagen Bombay (DK)

OKI – in the middle of the ocean (director Maris Martinsons), mystical drama, 85′

Featuring Kaori Momoi, winner of the Netpac Award for the film “Ichijiku no kao” in Berlinale 2007

Rob, a former real estate broker, unemployed, starts following a strange Japanese woman, Oki, who constantly moves from house to house. He drags his roommate Wylie into the investigation during which they have to face the dark past and curse of Oki, while dealing with the history of their own.

Production companies: Krukfilms (LV), VFS films (LV), Backyard Productions (USA)
World sales: Rija Films


Trailers and further information will be coming soon.




Rija Films at the European Film Market 2014

2016. gada 6. maijā Filmu studija RIJA ir noslēgusi līgumu
nr. SKV-L-2016/232 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības
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